Hello! My name is Sevil and I am the face of The Good Soy!

I've always loved having lit candles in my home, whether I am hosting or winding down after a long day. But, it began to dawn on me - just how many chemicals were all these candles releasing into the air I was breathing? I became increasingly more aware of the artificial fragrances and harmful ingredients used in the creation of the candles I was purchasing. However, finding all-natural candles that were beautifully aromatic and safe to burn, and also minimal and elegant in design, proved to be much more difficult than anticipated. 

So, I started to make my own candles, using only 100% natural and organic ingredients. Before I knew it, I was obsessed! Left with no room to store all my creations in my tiny downtown apartment, I began to sell them to my friends and family. With their support and encouragement, my hobby has gradually grown into a small business. With profits in sight, I have decided to ramp up my business, all the while exercising social responsibility, annually donating a portion of all profits to a national charity.

1. To craft a beautifully simple candle, free of chemicals and harmful ingredients. 
2. To give back to the community and help support a charitable cause. 


At THE GOOD SOY, not only do we craft homemade candles from pure and natural ingredients, but we are also dedicated to helping the underprivileged youth of Canada.

Because every child deserves a chance to survive, a chance to learn, a chance to dream 

A portion of our net proceeds will be proudly donated annually to Canadian charities that are committed to providing services and building solutions for the nation's vulnerable and at-risk youth, addressing issues ranging from homelessness to maltreatment.


All GOOD SOY products are hand-poured in Toronto, Ontario (by me!) and made from all-natural soy wax, an environmentally friendly product made from a natural, renewable resource - soybeans! This means soy wax is biodegradable. It's also cleaner burning and petroleum-free, with no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants.
Our candles are available both unscented and scented, infused with pure essential oils, with no added fragrances or perfumes. Many scented candles on the market use chemicals to create pleasing aromas that are synthetic, emitting numerous hazardous byproducts, potentially causing a range of health problems. Essential oils are an all-natural, healthy alternative, with aromatherapeutic effects.    
All-natural soy wax candles, infused with pure essential oils.
Hand-poured with love.


Please contact us at thegoodsoy@gmail.com with your questions, comments or concerns. We'd love to hear from you!