Hello, my name is Sevil and I am the face of The Good Soy!

I've always loved to scent my apartment, whether it was with the use of air fresheners, candles or perfumes, to name a few. But, it began to dawn on me - just how many chemicals were all these products releasing into the air I was breathing?

I became increasingly more aware of the artificial fragrances and harmful ingredients used in the creation of all the scented goods I was purchasing. However, finding all-natural products that were beautifully aromatic and safe to use, and also minimal and elegant in design, all the while being environmentally friendly, proved to be much more difficult than anticipated.  

So, I started to make my own goods, using only 100% natural ingredients, including only pure essential oils. Since then, I have learned so much about the therapeutic benefits of essential oils and their use as natural, non-medicated remedies for bodily ailments. This has naturally lead to a range of Good Soy products, including aromatherapy candles, diffuser blends, roll-ons and room mists (for now!).


Our products are always infused with nothing but pure essential oils, with zero fragrance oils, perfumes or other synthetic additives. Many scented products on the market use fragrance oils to create pleasing aromas that are synthetic, emitting hazardous chemicals into the air, potentially causing a range of health problems. Essential oils are a 100% natural, healthy alternative, with therapeutic benefits, often used as a non-medicated alternative for various physical and psychological ailments.