One-of-A-Kind Candles Completely Customized for You.

Whether it's for your spa, shop, bridesmaids, party favours and e

Design Yourself In Bespoke.

The journey of a pure bespoke, handmade experience.

We work with you to decide on the most appropriate vessel that meet your unique needs and wants. Such options can include vessel size, material, size and lid selection.

Our clients love the experience of true bespoke candles and we love crafting them! 

We do bespoke! ranging from corporate gifting to guest party favours to custom spa collections. 

Vessel Selection

Pattern Selection

We work with you to choose a type of vessel depending on your unique wants and esires. Options can include vessel volume, colour, material and lid options.

Testing of oil blends

Once the vessel style is chosen, we will begin working on your custom scent. Working with a wide array of essential oils and their ratios, we will achieve a scent that is approved by you.

Custom labelling

Once we have actual contents of your candles deterined, we will work on designing your custom labels. 

The Finale

Once your bespoke products are complete and in your hands, you will


the measurements fill through, the hand stitching is done, the suit is put on, you have now completed the Brenton & Co. Bespoke Program and you are rewarded with The Brenton & Co. Suit completely tailored to you and only you.