Hello! My name is Sevil and I am the face of The Good Soy!

I've always loved having lit candles in my home, whether I am hosting or winding down after a long day. But, it began to dawn on me - just how many chemicals were all these candles releasing into the air I was breathing? I became increasingly more aware of the artificial fragrances and harmful ingredients used in the creation of the candles I was purchasing. However, finding all-natural candles that were beautifully aromatic and safe to burn, and also minimal and elegant in design, proved to be much more difficult than anticipated. 

So, I started to make my own candles, using only 100% natural and organic ingredients. Before I knew it, I was obsessed! Left with no room to store all my creations in my tiny downtown apartment, I began to sell them to my friends and family. With their support and encouragement, my hobby has gradually grown into a small business. With profits in sight, I have decided to ramp up my business, all the while exercising social responsibility, annually donating a portion of all profits to a national charity.

1. To craft a beautifully simple candle, free of chemicals and harmful ingredients. 
2. To give back to the community and help support a charitable cause.